With the G2Experience

you are immersed in the US market and learn

"on the ground".

You’ve decided to expand to the United States?  Smart move!

But are you really prepared?


What if you could have a clear roadmap to expansion - one that could save millions of dollars and precious time? The G2 Experience can be the roadmap that shows you:

  • the best entry strategy for your product or service

  • how to avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls

  • the key people you need to know

  • how to communicate and negotiate in the U.S.


Watch out: Replicating your home market strategy abroad won't work.


With the G2Experience, you’ll avoid the pitfalls and achieve the success you dream of. And we guarantee the program will more than pay for itself. 


We created the G2 Experience as a solution for companies with global ambitions. Because of the steep learning curve in entering the U.S. market, businesses often leave money on the table. 

Our team of global experts will share their collective experiences so you avoid similar mistakes and don't waste time course-correcting. The G2 Experience will help you find the right market entry strategy for your product or service, connect you with the right partners, and help you bridge cultural gaps so you can close deals and achieve Global Growth.

Books and conferences can only take you so far. We believe that truly experiencing the U.S. is how you will succeed, and the G2 Experience gives you exactly that. You will be fully immersed in our program from beginning to end through a carefully crafted schedule of activities. We curate your professional experience in the market so it is relevant and actionable. Whether through individual or group programs, you will enjoy:

1. HAND-PICKED EXPERTS: Selected industry executives from the G2 Experience global network share their real-life experience.

2. INTERACTIVE AND DYNAMIC: Small groups allow rich exchanges with experts and peers. No classroom or lectures; you learn directly on site so it's personalized, memorable and actionable.

3. ACCESS: The G2 Experience opens the door to a suite of business leaders, decision makers and potential customers.

4. "GET TO YES": With the G2 Experience cultural coaching and hands on marketing guidance, you adapt your product and message, and you establish closer business relationships. This increases your sales potential significantly.

What our Clients Say

The Pitching to Strategic Partners" workshop was one of the most relevant and useful events sponsored by the Chamber. While touching on cultural differences underpinning approaches to selling, it offered practical skills-building in a format that encouraged group interaction, so you got to learn something while also exhibiting your experience. No matter one’s experience level, we can all improve our pitch.

John F. Bennett, Principal & President, Alouette Communications & Paris American Club

 All programs include:

  • Strategic guidance tailored to your company needs

  • Communication training for all of your executives

  • Access to a large network of global experts and trusted advisors

  • Targeted networking with industry gurus and potential customers