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Four Days, 20 meetings and 1 big snowstorm!

GCE arranged for executives from Helsinki to meet with over 20 key players in the NYC Smart City ecosystem over 4 days (and in spite of ahistoric snowstorm!). In March, Global Commerce Education (GCE) hosted a team of executives from Helsinki who wanted to get an understanding of the US market potential for Finnish entrepreneurs in the field of Smart Construction. Over an intensive few days in New York City, they were able to meet 20 individuals in key positions within the Smart City/Smart Construction ecosystem of New York City, as well as State and National organizations. These included the Chief Innovation Officer of one of the largest real estate development firms in NYC, the Chief Tech

GCE's Baltic Tour

In March, Global Commerce Education visited the Baltic States of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia to give a series of Seminars on doing business in the US. This Seminar Series was sponsored by 8 national and regional organizations. The talk was focused on the critical legal and cultural landmines companies may encounter and how to avoid them. About 200 people attended, including start-up CEOs, law firm representatives, chambers of commerce representatives, and development agencies. But mostly, it was attended by companies interested in expanding to the US. Attendees were excited and engaged and they asked many questions.

To Conquer the U.S. Market Aim for Just a Tiny Piece of It

I recently had the pleasure of giving a presentation to an audience of business leaders in Lithuania as part of a Seminar on “The Keys to Success to Enter the U.S. Market”, offered by our company, Global Commerce Education, in partnership with AmCham Lithuania, the Baltic American Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Lithuania. My talk was about the cultural differences between the U.S. and Lithuania in the context of a strategy to enter the U.S. market. As our company provides training on this topic I’m often called upon to present on this and explain the specificity of the market especially as it differs from that of the attendees. There is one particular aspect of the U.S. customer landscap

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