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Is In-Person The Only Way To Do Networking?

Clearly attending in-person networking events is the Autobahn of networking: the obvious, straight, fast and easy way that everybody knows. However, for some of you, attending networking events is not practical. Perhaps you are looking for a job in another country. Or maybe you live in a remote area. Possibly you are uncomfortable meeting new people in an unpredictable environment. If you're like me, it's the decibels at events that drive you crazy. Also different cultures approach networking differently. For some, meeting entirely new people in a crowded and loud environment is perfectly normal and comfortable (think Italy) but in others a much quieter setting would be preferred (think Finl

E-book: 10 Legal Myths of U.S. Market Entry Debunked

We hope you have enjoyed all 11 installments in this series of articles in which Marc Friedman debunks the top 10 legal myths he has encountered over his career, helping hundreds of clients. We are preparing an e-book to capture these critical learnings. Pre-order your own copy by clicking the image below

Expanding to the U.S. - 10 Legal Myths and Top 5 Reasons Why You Should

This is the final installment in a series of articles that demonstrate why European and other non-US companies should not be discouraged from doing business in America by 10 legal myths which these articles have debunked. The 10 legal myths are: 1. The costs of entry into the US, including the costs of business formation, are very great and, thus, prohibitive. 2. Forming a business in the US takes a very long time with too many hurdles to overcome. 3. There are so many methods of market entry that it is impossible to know which is best for my company. 4. There are too many governmental regulations that will make it very difficult to grow a business in the US. 5. If we enter the US we may be

You know you need to network but you don't want to...​​​​​​​

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive looking for your next position, a new book author, or a coach on a mission, the ubiquitous term "networking" is bound to make its way into your psyche on a daily basis through conversations, readings and anything on the internet. By now it is probably etched onto the "I should..." stone tablet in the guilt section of your brain (weighing heavily). Well, here's the thing: It's true... although you might accomplish your goals without any networking, you stand an immensely greater chance of success if you talk to people, as many people as possible, and then more. The good news? It's actually fun, exciting, enriching, rewarding... once you understand

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