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Enough With The Crapshoot!

We all know the numbers: 85% of all new hires find a job through networking; the best source of new business is through referrals. There's no getting around it... So you dutifully traipse from one event to the next, collecting cards, giving up your evenings and yet you have little to show for. Realistically, what are the chances you will meet your ideal customer randomly at an event, or even someone who knows your ideal customer? Let's be honest, it's a bit of a crapshoot. Wouldn't it make more sense to do a little research and find exactly your ideal customer and then find a way to connect to them? I am NOT talking about sending them one of those spammy messages you get on LinkedIn the minu

Building Relationships Across Cultures In Today’s World

"The power and importance of building relationships with others is something that seems to be universally understood by people from all cultures. Our web of relations creates the foundation for our lives as social creatures, no matter what culture we come from. However, the way that we establish and expand this web of relations can vary from culture to culture. And even within a particular culture, people may network differently depending on whether or not they are doing it for work (and what kind of work they do), or to cultivate relations with friends or within other kinds of communities. Networking is a nuanced game, and it can be challenging for an outsider to learn all the subtleties of

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