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Holding Hands

The LinkedIn MAGNET Method

Coaching Sessions to Support You on Your LinkedIn Journey

Are you ready to grow your business using LinkedIn?

Would that help you grow your business?

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  • Your ideal clients connect to ask how to work with you

  • Experts ask if they can refer their clients to you

  • Industry influencers invite you on their podcasts and webinars

  • Journalists ask if they can interview you

Imagine this:

Coaching Session Packages











Sessions are 1 hour in duration

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When you meet someone in person and connect with them on LinkedIn, you establish an initial contact that you will build on over time. You nurture that relationship through your content and mutual engagement until they are ready to reach out to you for a call. 

When you connect with someone online, through content or after an online event, they become part of your network and begin to see your content. As the relationship grows, you deepen the connection by meeting in person or via zoom.

Through this virtuous circle, your authority and influence grow with each post, each interaction and each connection. Exponentially!

Let's make LinkedIn a hub of communication and engagement for your business.

What past clients have to say:

Fran photo.jpg

I chose to take this program because I had been stymied by the LinkedIn platform and how to use it in my coaching business.  I needed to know how to efficiently and effectively network online. 
I like the way Sophie communicates with people and goes over-and-above to connect with and help others.  I thought, if anyone can help me with LinkedIn, it's Sophie. 

After seeing the program web page, I sensed it was the right choice because it offered support led by an expert with great people skills.

I’m delighted to say, my choice was right on. The program is very hands-on from start to finish. I was amazed at the professional relationships one can develop online not only for one’s own enrichment but for the enrichment of others too. 

It’s great to not only learn how to follow companies and thought leaders, and how to participate in group discussions, but to actually do it on a regular basis to build relationships, understand trends, and participate in meaningful conversations. 

I’m very pleased to have taken The LinkedIn MAGNET Method program.  It was worth the investment, and it has given me wings to expand my reach in my coaching practice.  I've joined organizations, connected with many new people, renewed connections from the past and enjoyed contributing to conversations that were of interest to me.  I am pleased with my new-found ease using LinkedIn efficiently and effectively. 

Fran B, Life Coach

Janice photo 3.png

I had done some very detailed & lengthy messaging and positioning work with a coach, as well as an extensive project with a branding consultant so I have been working on this for a long time. 


The questions in today's workshop have been really good to help me sort out where all the pieces come together.

It's a great exercise to go through. Whether I write these or hand them over to someone else to do, this is going to set us up really well.

In our communications we always strive to engage, educate, and enroll* The work we have done today really helps do that and I feel I now have posts that will engage readers, educate them as potential clients and enroll them.

Janice Francisco, Founder and CEO,

BridgePoint Effect


Before I joined this program, I used to haphazardly "poke around" LinkedIn looking for opportunities and then conclude it wasn’t productive! I just didn’t know how to use it for active, targeted career advancement and productive networking.


I decided to join the program because I clearly needed expert guidance and also wanted to learn from others. It really hit me that I had made the right decision when I had a coffee meeting with someone who turned out to be a valuable connection but who I would not have come across had it not been for the method taught in this program.

Thanks to this program I learned to create a well-thought out plan of action for using LinkedIn as a key component of my networking strategy, I definitely had to step out of my comfort zone but as I followed each session, I became more and more confident and strategic about my time spent on LinkedIn. Now I feel directed and focused in using it as a tool for networking that is highly targeted to my goals.

This program was definitely worth the investment I made as I have expanded my skills and tool box to connect with people who are not yet in my network and to engage them in meaningful ongoing dialogue, and I can use these skills for the rest of my life! I love building my network right from my computer!


Sophie is a great on-line instructor and engages participants in a learning dialogue that is very empowering!


I highly recommend the MAGNET Method program!

Mallory K., Director of Fundraising


Photo Rebecca.jpg

Before working with Sophie, I was not happy with my LinkedIn profile, because it felt choppy and disjointed. My biggest roadblock in using LinkedIn was that I didn't understand the platform. It didn't feel intuitive to me. I didn’t understand what it could do to help me grow my business.

I had originally started using LinkedIn in one professional context, which was specific to a particular work group. When that context changed, I didn't know how to integrate different facets of my professional life in a way that created a coherent picture on LinkedIn.

Sophie has a wealth of knowledge of LinkedIn and what it can do. She really loves the platform, and is passionate about helping her clients get the most from it. Her positive energy, her enthusiasm, and her belief that I could do it, was very helpful for my mindset as she guided me step by step to optimize my use of LinkedIn. She was very patient, and she had a structured procedure that took away all the anxiety and the feeling of, “How do I even do this?”

Sophie’s process helped me blend the different facets of my professional life together into a coherent whole that presents a 360-degree view of my programs, services, and skills,.

Now I feel that my LinkedIn profile represents me accurately. It’s me showing up in different aspects of myself, all of which come together to make a coherent whole.complete and accurate picture of who I am and what I can do to help my clients and customers

As a direct result of working with Sophie, I now feel proud of my LinkedIn profile. I am excited to share it with people, and I feel it's attracting the right colleagues, the right connections that I can network with, so that we can provide benefit and value to each other.

After following Sophie’s guidance, I now see that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business growth and feel that the platform is working for me in the way it's supposed to.

Sophie is my go-to person for LinkedIn. I rely on her to help me get the most out of the platform and learn what it can do -- and I'm still learning.


Working with Sophie to optimize your LinkedIn profile shouldn't just be a one-time thing. It should be an ongoing relationship. She has so much depth of knowledge about the platform, that there are layers of learning about how to make it work for you.

I'm excited to see how my professional presence on LinkedIn evolves further, as I continue to work with Sophie to optimize my profile.

 If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to benefit from Sophie’s expertise about using LinkedIn to get results for your business, go for it. Definitely take advantage of that because it's a game changer. I’m so glad I did!

Rebecca Cuevas
Founder and CEO

Learn and Get Smarter, Inc.

California, US

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