Roadmap to Market Entry 

We Help You Successfully Enter New Markets


You are

  • An entrepreneur/company owner

  • A CEO or COO

  • A Director of International Business Development


Your company's global expansion 

  • Is your responsibility (at least in part)

  • You are accountable for its success

  • You have decision making authority to make it happen


Your research shows the United States is the next market you should enter.

Now you need to validate these findings and understand what it will take to succeed.


  • Pre-Trip Preparation:

    • Expansion Plan Outline

    • Cultural assessment 

    • Live Webinars and conference calls


  • Immersion in the US:

    •  A 4 to 6-day trip to the US with tailored company visits, expert briefings, meetings with trusted advisers, customer interactions, industry exploration and cultural immersion activities.

  • Post-trip follow-up

    • Calls to debrief and support implementation.


After the G2 Experience, you will:

  • Have a clear roadmap for your Market Entry

  • Understand the key challenges and how to overcome them

  • Adapt your business practices to the U.S. culture to reach your goals

  • Assess your product/market fit

  • Determine your customer segmentation and channel strategy

  • Have personal relationships with key professionals and organizations

  • Develop U.S. appropriate messaging, pitch and marketing materials

We work with you to make your U.S. market entry a success.

 Let's have a  conversation about your US expansion plans and if we both feel the G2 Experience might be for you we will prepare a proposal that suits your needs.

     To compete today, businesses must look to new markets. While the world is interconnected, each market is unique and complicated. Companies need a thorough understanding not only of the market, industry and stakeholders, but also of the society, culture, and history. A global mindset is essential. What we need is a smart, thoughtful and strategic program to help seasoned executives learn to go global. The G2 Experience answers that need.

Chris Hayes,

Formerly Executive VP, International Public Affairs & Global Market Entry