The Keys to Internationalizing Your Innovative Business

Target: United States!

Are you a founder or an executive in an innovative company?

Are you interested in expanding your business to the U.S. market?

Then sign up for this program offered by Retis Formation in collaboration with Global Commerce Education Inc., The Triana Group, Collier County Florida and the Naples Accelerator Florida.

This will be the 12th edition of the FACE program: French American Conference of Entrepreneurs.



Phase I Online:  

Getting prepared: Introduction to the American market (entry strategies, financing, legal and tax, regulatory, branding...)
Method: Webinar + E-learning documentation
Phase II in NAPLES South West Florida: 


Pitch coaching, BtoB meetings with experts, potential partners or investors, networking and company visits.

Method:  Simulation exercises and practical situations in the US

Phase III in New York City (optional): 


Innovation ecosystem of NYC - pitch practice and BtoB qualified meetings - events and networking. You are introduced to incubators, business and innovation centers, technology parks, entrepreneurship clusters...



Build your customized action plan to enter the U.S. market with the necessary tools and knowledge.



A practical guide: «your toolbox» (methods, financing, sources, etc.) The evaluation report from a committee of financial and investment experts



Phase I: Webinar: November 13th (3pm GMT)

Phase II: Naples Florida, United States : December 4th, 5th and 6th 2017 (must plan arrival December 3rd latest)

Phase III:  New York : December 7th and 8th 2017


Sophie Lechner/GCE Inc

Jabril Bensedrine/ Triana Group

Jace Kentner/ Collier County

Marshall Goodman/ Naples Accelerator

Finance, marketing-communication, and legal experts

Mentors: American CEOs and Investors

Founder & CEO

Global Commerce Education, Inc 

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Managing Director

The Triana Group, Inc.

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Sophie Lechner

Jabril Bensedrine

Director, Business & Economic Development Division

Collier County, FL

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Jace Kentner

Marshall Goodman

President & CEO

The Naples Accelerator



Note: Very special pricing thanks to our sponsors.

Phases I & II: 500 Euros (all taxes included)

Phase III optional 2 days in New York : 500 Euros (all taxes included)

Prices include local transportation in Naples Florida

Not included : Transportation (return flights France or Europe to the US and back / domestic flights in the US) - Lodging - Meals



To apply, please email Sophie Lechner at and include in the subject line: "FACE 12".

You may also address any questions to this same email.

A call will be arranged to determine if your application is accepted.

Payment is due by wire transfer upon registration.