Roadmap to US Market Entry 


Where do I Start?

As a successful business leader you know capturing a slice of the lucrative US market requires bold moves, yet careful risk management You need a plan that gives you speed to market You need a strategy that gets American buyers eager to buy your product.

Without a plan, trial and error could cost you time and money but how to proceed? With so much conflicting information and advice from every direction, you are left wondering... Where do I start?

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What You Need Is A Clear Roadmap

What you need is a clear ROADMAP, a process to narrow down and organize your next steps, so that you have the clarity and confidence to establish yourself on the US market in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.


With our help, clients have a clear path forward, work with a collaborative team of trusted advisors, pursue a strategy tailored to their objectives, and rapidly adapt their product, message, and materials for the US customer.


They save considerable time and money, have a smooth landing, and a solid foundation for growth into the US market.

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What We Deliver

Over 3 to 6 months of collaborative work, we create your own customized roadmap to enter the US market.


Market Entry Strategy

Together with you, we select the market entry strategy that will maximize your risk/benefit. You will know how to find the right buyers and partners and how to approach them.

The right strategy will maximize your profitability.


Your Team of Trusted Advisors

Together, we set up a collaborative team of hand-picked, top-tier experts, to guide you efficiently and steer you clear of obstacles. you will know who to speak to, when and how.

The right advisors will save you considerable time and money.


Cultural Decoding

We give you recommendations on how to adapt your product, packaging, materials and communications so that your message is compelling for U.S. customers and partners.

A culturally adapted approach will increase customer demand.

Your Roadmap


Your Roadmap includes:

  • A document detailing the steps you need to take

  • A recommended timeline for your key actions

  • An estimated budget to implement your market entry


How We Work With You

Marketing Audit
Marketing Interviews
Presentation Training
Visit to the US

In depth conversations, questionnaires, document download.


Review of marketing materials (website, social media, brochures) & recommendation for adaptation to US target audience.


Interviews of key stakeholders, partners, customers, influencers and advisors.


Coaching on communications (sales pitch, presentation skills, meeting preparation)


Tailored itinerary to meet selected advisors, potential partners and clients, get first hand experience of customers, competitors, and market environment, meet successful peers.


Let's have a conversation about your US expansion plans and if we both feel the G2Experience might be for you we will prepare a proposal that suits your needs.


"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet"

Bobby Unser, Formula 1 driver, 3 times Indianapolis 500 winner

“GCE conducted a diagnostic analysis of our US subsidiary, made recommendations for growth and helped us prioritize initiatives with the most leverage. The first project implemented has tripled our service revenues in less than 6 months! GCE’s combination of deep strategic insights, rapid implementation and collaborative, agile work style has given me confidence in our ability to grow in the US. I look forward to the next initiatives we are now working on with GCE.”

Pascal Bru, Vice President, Formulaction US (HQ in France)

“When expanding globally, a quality product and good product-market fit is not enough. Choosing the best mode of entry, reading signals from the environment and communicating effectively with customers and partners are key skills. GCE does a wonderful job helping companies to navigate possible pitfalls in their journey into US markets and beyond.”

Silve Parviainen, (formerly) Director Nordic Innovation House, NY


“GCE has been an important asset in our internationalization strategy. The team understood our needs and provided relevant, customized and extremely useful knowledge and organized very productive meetings. We really recommend you work with GCE for your international strategy!”

Xavier Crouilles, General Manager, InnerSense (France)

“GCE facilitated a fantastic workshop about differences in business cultures between countries. The more experiences I have had since the workshop, the more I have come to appreciate its value. GCE gave me a map which helps me to navigate in business and in life.“

Jaakko Timonen, Founder of (Finland)


What Our Clients Say


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