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Your Roadmap for a Successful US Market Entry

If you’re a leader of a mid-size company thinking about entering the US market, then you’re probably wondering how to navigate all the uncertainties and risks involved with taking such a huge step.

You’ve heard the many stories of companies who tried and failed after having lost a lot of money. Not to mention the dashed hopes and the careers that nose-dived. So they end up out of money, and out of business.

And this might be reason enough for you to hesitate. But what is it exactly that the ones who succeed do?

Many business leaders in this situation turn to local governmental agencies and chambers of commerce who have some contacts and can sometimes facilitate pitch contests in order to maybe win 10 or 50k Euros.

These are very time consuming and although they can be exciting and bring learnings, these small amounts really don't make a dent when it comes to considering the US market.

All the articles and interviews of these successful entrepreneurs and CEOs who make it big are indeed interesting to read, but they deal in generalities and the lessons are oversimplified.

So where do you find actual information that shows you exactly what you need to do?

Beyond all the sound bites that successful entrepreneurs get quoted on you still need to do the following:

  • Explore the potential of the market    

  • Assess the feasibility of bringing your product into the market     

  • Determine how to make a go-no/go decision     

  • If it's a go, what specific steps to take, in what order and what to look out for in this new landscape    


These elements all may be overwhelming to figure out, but there is a simple and efficient way to enter the U.S. market successfully.

Having led multimillion-dollar global marketing campaigns for companies like Pfizer & Bayer, what I’ve found is there is a specific process that, if followed, helps your companies succeed in spite of all the odds.

This specific process starts with three steps

  1. Develop an effective entry strategy

  2. Establish a carefully selected team of trusted advisors

  3. Leverage the cultural differences both in your approach to the US buyer and in how to work with Americans


Learning how to do all this correctly takes years to master and is often gained at a tremendous cost in time, resources, wasted effort and failures along the way.

But I’m excited to share that I have taken the learnings of dozens of predecessors and of our clients to streamline the process and show it to you in my four-week masterclass.

This masterclass series will give you the clarity to make well informed decisions. As a result, you will build a solid foundation for your future success in the US market.

In order to help you shorten your time to market, minimize risk, and increase your chances of success, we are going to share with you how to proceed in order to discover for yourself each of the 3 keys to success mentioned above.

We will look at each of these topics in depth in a series of interactive sessions where you can absorb the information and have a chance to ask questions. We will also set aside some time for 1 or 2 of you to have us workshop your own situation live.

Week one: how to determine the best market entry strategy for your company (Part 1)

  • Overview of the keys to success

  • Opportunities, challenges and why this process works

  • Market Entry Strategy Part 1

    • Overview of the top 6

    • Details of the 2 most commonly used


Week two: how to determine the best market entry strategy for your company (Part 2)

  • Market Entry Strategy Part 2

    • Details of the other top 4

    • Workshoping


Week three: how to select and work with your trusted advisors

●          Selecting the best advisors for your needs


Week four: The cross-cultural understanding you need to gain to profitably enter the U.S. market.

  • Cultural Differences

    • Impact on your product, audience, messaging, marketing

    • Impact on business practices and how to conduct yourself



What would you do if you had the clarity and confidence to enter the $20 trillion U.S. market profitably?

And more importantly what impact could you make as a result?

If you’re committed to breaking through the current ceiling of your business to grow and expand your company, your impact, and your legacy, then register for this masterclass series by clicking on the link below.

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Why looking for an investor is the last thing you should do (and what that means)

How to build a strong foundation to ensure your long term success in the US market

Tuesday March 3rd to 24th

  • 11am EST (New York)

  • 4pm GMT (London/Lisbon)

  • 5pm CET (Paris/Madrid/Berlin)

  • 6pm EET (Finland/Baltics)

About The Presenter:


Sophie Lechner, formerly with Pfizer and Bayer, has led the global launch of billion dollar products and managed projects across multiple countries.


Having lived and worked on several continents, she believes cross-border trade is the most powerful engine of growth and should be accessible to everyone.


She founded Global Commerce Education to help mid-size European companies wishing to expand into the United States and has since then been guiding companies in their US market entry.

Drawing on her 30 years of experience, she has developed a method to streamline the market entry process, shorten time to market and minimize risk for European companies as they expand into the US.

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