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Can you Beeleev it?? Interview of GCE Founder

I was recently interviewed by Beeleev, a Global Platform of Entrepreneurs for International Growth. Here is the article:

Sophie Lechner was born international. Half-French and half-Pakistani, she attended an international school before graduating in law in France and the UK. After working in France for a British Company, she moved to the USA 25 years ago to pursue an MBA and stayed to work in the pharmaceutical industry (Bayer and Pfizer), mostly in global marketing. 2010 was the year she decided to start her own consulting practice, one thing leading to another, she created the G2Experience (G squared, for Global Growth) three years ago. Being part of the beeleev community, she agreed to answer a few questions on her company, the challenges of international business development and globalization. I hope you’ll enjoy reading her testimonial!

beeleev: Hello Sophie! You have an impressive international background, but your current venture is far from the pharmaceutical industry you mostly worked for. What’s the story behind “the G2Experience”?

Sophie: When I left Bayer, I didn’t have a definite project in mind. I had worked in the same industry for a long time and I wanted a new challenge. I started consulting for a few clients and in 2012, one of them asked me to prepare an outline for the creation of a Global Executive MBA program to meet the needs of globalizing companies. It was the trigger that got me interested in better understanding what globalizing companies need. I quickly realized that an MBA was not the answer. An M.B.A. is a career development