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The Master Key to Cross Border Business Success? A Global Mindset

So you think you are ready to take your company global? Hmmm Maybe not. Consider this: Research shows that 50% to 70% of all deals fail because of culture and communication.

"It’s The Silent Killer because

it is rarely diagnosed, even after the deal is dead."

The issue comes from underestimating the role of cross-cultural understanding in the successful development of global markets. Preparation, of course is critical, but so is having a global mindset.

One of the pitfalls in global expansion comes from trying to get results too fast. There is a strong tendency to go for the quick win, to take the shortest route to a deal, and skip some of the preparation that is critical. Your focus must be on building solid and lasting business relationships that will create a foundation for long term, sustainable business. That requires understanding the culture and adapting to it.