SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Jabril Bensedrine

Portrait of Jabril Bensedrine

One thing is true; the people associated with Global Commerce Education are super stars and over-achievers. And they put those skills to work for you.

Take Jabril Bensedrine, Ph.D. He is the managing director and founder of the Triana Group, Inc. in New York. According to their website, they scout new markets to support your innovation strategy. The company’s name comes from Rodrigo de Triana, one of the sailors aboard Christopher Columbus’ ship that spotted new land. Dr. Bensedrine used it to frame the meaning behind the company – to scout new markets. Clever.

But being clever, smart and accomplished is who Dr. Bensedrine is. For starters, he’s been a consultant with Kenneth J. Dalto and Associates, where he supported investment projects totaling $700+ million for clients ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar companies. He has also been an adjunct faculty member at several universities, teaching strategy, innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, international marketing and executive graduate programs. And he’s won multiple awards.

But what makes this man tick?

Dr. Bensedrine is passionate about innovation and bringing that to bear in the marketplace. When asked what gets him up in the morning, he said it was helping companies use their creativity to do things in better and different ways. “To focus on the added-value to solve the world’s problems.”

When he came to Global Commerce Education, he built a collaborative relationship with the principals: Sophie Lechner and Gene Detroyer. “We just clicked,” he said. He felt that Lechner and Detroyer were of the caliber that a large, well-established corporation would expect. “They’re very serious in the way they work and yet pragmatic and creative.” He likes that.

Dr. Bensedrine has helped to develop curriculum for G2 Experience webinars and seminars and enjoys assisting companies grow into foreign markets in a way that benefits everyone – company and consumer. His best piece of advice to those companies is this - in the process of expanding to foreign markets, don’t cut corners, pay attention to the basics.

A good lesson for everyone.

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