Book Review - China's Super Consumers: What 1 Billion Customers Want and How to Sell it to Them

China's Super Consumers: What 1 Billion Customers Want and How to Sell it to Them

by Savio Chan and Michael Zakkour

According to this book by Chan and Zakkour, two leading experts on the Chinese market, understanding Chinese culture is a must if you want to sell to Chinese consumers.

Here’s an excerpt from the publisher’s book description: “Chinese Consumers are Changing The World - Understand Them and Sell To Them. China has transformed itself from a feudal economy in the 19th century, […]into the largest consumer market in the world.”

The authors state in their introduction: “This is not a book about how to do business in China […] Rather, this is an exploration of a new phenomenon, China's super consumers, as explained through history, culture, language, and mind-set and most importantly by those engaging with them.”

The book takes a hard look at what motivates the Chinese consumer and how it will impact you and your company for the next decade.

When asked in an interview what the biggest mistake foreign business owners regularly make when trying to sell in China, co-author Savio Chan says this: “They don’t take enough time to study and understand Chinese culture. You don’t need to be bilingual but you must be bicultural, otherwise you cannot win. […] Those mistakes killed some of the biggest names like Google, BestBuy, Home Depot, and others.”

You don’t need to know perfect Chinese etiquette so long as you have a solid understanding of the culture of the country. That is what made McDonald’s, Starbucks, Ford, and Colgate successful.

Purchase the book here.

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