GCE offers U.S. Market Entry Masterclass

For Baltic companies whose ambition includes expanding to the U.S. market, on October 22nd in Vilnius, Lithuania and October 24 in Talinn, Estonia, we are offering Baltic companies the opportunity to attend a one-day, intensive “U.S. Market Entry Masterclass.”

This class is for serious business owners and entrepreneurs who are determined to take their company to the next level. Expert speakers from Global Commerce Education will share the key practical information needed and lead a series of case study-based exercises and role-playing.

Attendees will acquire the tools and skills needed to successfully prepare their U.S. market expansion.

Discounts are available for members of partner organizations (contact us here if you are interested in becoming a partner for this event)

Visit www.G2Experience.org/balticmasterclass for more information, pricing and registration.

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