G2 Experience Coaches Finnish Companies on Their U.S. Expansion

The Finnish Consulate is serious about helping companies in Finland learn what they need to know to expand to the United States. For the second year they have partnered with Kasvun Roihu, a Finnish organization that provides business coaching to companies with a high growth potential. Twice a year they select ten companies from several hundred that apply to their “Grow to USA” program. These ten companies come to New York for a week and receive coaching on the various aspects of doing business in the U.S.

The Consulate invited Global Commerce Education for the third time to participate in the coaching as one of the “Growth Experts”. “It is always very stimulating to work with these companies,” says Sophie Lechner, CEO of GCE, “especially since they are so diverse. For example, this year, they included a company that developed a humidity sensor for drying crops and another that had an innovative tracking device to locate lost kids or pets.”

Each company is in a different stage of their U.S. market entry plan, so GCE works with them based on where they are and what plans they need to put in place.

“A common theme,” says Lechner, “is the importance of defining a narrow market segment in order to better tailor their product, message and strategy to reach faster results.”

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