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You know you need to network but you don't want to...​​​​​​​

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive looking for your next position, a new book author, or a coach on a mission, the ubiquitous term "networking" is bound to make its way into your psyche on a daily basis through conversations, readings and anything on the internet. By now it is probably etched onto the "I should..." stone tablet in the guilt section of your brain (weighing heavily).

Well, here's the thing: It's true... although you might accomplish your goals without any networking, you stand an immensely greater chance of success if you talk to people, as many people as possible, and then more.

The good news? It's actually fun, exciting, enriching, rewarding... once you understand how to do it in a way that matches your style and preferences. Here are 3 articles that share great tactics and advice to help in your in-person networking.

The first is from the Harvard Business Review and is written by Dorie Clark, a guru of networking. It addresses who you should network with. We tend to associate with people we work with, and of course having connections in your field is important, but having diversity in your network has distinct advantages. Solid tips here.