Powercharge Your U.S. Job Search

Do hiring managers seem to dismiss your experience acquired abroad? Are your resumes landing in a black hole? Are you hearing nothing back after interviews? Perhaps you are beginning to wonder if you should lower your objective...

If you have never done a job search in the U.S. you need guidance. There is a process and if you apply it, properly, in sequence, consistently, you WILL find that dream position you want AND you will enjoy the journey.

This course is for :

  • Expats who decide to stay after their U.S. assignment

  • Spouses of expats

  • Post-grad students entering the workforce

  • Career changers

  • Anyone whose experience is diverse

Course Overview

The course covers the 4 keys to unlocking your goals:

  • You will gain clarity on your unique value and match to the market so you can zero-in on your target and land the position you want

  • You will master multiple strategies to grow your network and to make it work for you. Even if you have never done it before or are shy or an introvert, you will enjoy it once you learn how to do it "your way".


  • You will create a vibrant and compelling digital presence that will draw your desired audience to you.

  • You will be able to fluidly communicate your crystal-clear value proposition and be seen as a "must-have" by hiring managers.


The course includes live-instruction via Zoom, with exercises, examples, templates and tools as well as homework assignments and support from fellow job seekers via a Facebook group. 










With Sophie's guidance, I gained new insights that allowed me to articulate my unique value with clarity and authenticity.


     She adroitly helped me shape a compelling story that weaved together different aspects of career, expertise, strengths and passion to show how I am an excellent fit with the specific roles I am pursuing.


      In my interviews, I was able to authentically share this new story and it resonated positively with the interviewer. 

     I am immensely grateful for Sophie's expert guidance and look forward to my continuing work with her!"

Mallory King

Senior Non-profit Executive


   "Sophie's work as a US Job Search coach was targeted specifically to my needs.  She was able to quickly assess how my broad range of expertise and professional experiences connect to my present goals. 

Schedule and Curriculum

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Module 1

Saturday December 15th

1:30pm to 2:45pm

  • Overview and expectations

  • Taking stock

  • Elements to apply right away

Module 2

Sunday December 16th

1:30pm to 2:45pm

  • Networking Online

  • What ignites you

  • Where do you shine

Module 3

Thursday December 27th

12:30pm to 1:45pm

  • Developing your Personal Plan

  • How to Use the Personal Plan

  • Networking Online

Module 4

Friday December 28th

12:30pm to 1:45pm

  • The Personal Plan in action

  • Introduction to The GridTM

Module 5

Saturday January 5th

1:30pm to 2:45pm

  • Developing The GridTM

  • Networking in person

  • Preparing for interviews

Module 6

Sunday January 7th

1:30pm to 2:45pm

  • Bringing it all together

  • Overview of course outline

  • Set expectations

  • Review participants' current network and networking practices

  • Networking exercise

  • Initial elements of LinkedIn profile

  • Homework

  • Networking online: Methods, examples, tips and templates

  • Following up: When, how, how often, templates and method

  • Exploration of what ignites you: method, exercises, templates

  • Exploration of where you shine: method, exercises, templates

  • Introduction to The GridTM

  • Homework

  • Workshop The GridTM as a group

  • Introduce the Personal Plan: what it is, what is in it, what is not in it, how to use it, why it's a key to the job search

  • Methodology, template, examples

  • Homework

  • Group feedback on Personal Plans

  • How to use the Personal Plan

  • Role plays/exercises

  • Examples

  • Case study

  • Homework

  • How to network in person effectively and comfortably

  • Methods, templates, role plays

  • Revisiting The GridTM

  • How to make it work for you

  • Interview preparation

  • Homework

  • Review Modules 2 to 5

  • Share experience since Module 5

  • Troubleshoot issues

  • Discuss options for further support if needed

  • Celebrate!